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Joining the crowd on Calle Madero

When we visited Mexico City, we stayed in an apartment on Calle Bolívar, just south of the pedestrian street Calle Madero. Calle Madero runs from Bellas Artes and the Torre Latinoamericana on the west, to the Zócalo on the east, and without cars it’s a lovely place for a stroll.

Our first night in the city, we wandered up to the Calle Madero and were shocked by the crowd. The entire street was lined with people. We assumed it was a special event of some sort (it was approaching Christmas and the street was lined with fake snow machines).

Well… based on all the subsequent nights, it seems that this is just what happens on Calle Madero. It’s one of the places to be in the Centro Historico.

If you want to take a more relaxed walk down the street, arrive in the morning or early afternoon. The street slowly gets busier as the day progresses. Although a night-time walk needs to be experienced.

If you need to make your way quickly along the east-west axis, just head north or south by a block or two… that’s where everybody who needs to get somewhere walks.

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