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Buying pastries in Mexico City at Pastelería Ideal

Pastelería Ideal is a pastry shop with two locations in Mexico City’s Centro Historico (Av. 16 de Septiembre 18 and República de Uruguay 74). They are very popular: you’ll notice countless people on the street carrying packages of their pastries, and you’ll often have to fight the crowds in their shops. With their vast selection, there’s no need to turn elsewhere for pastries in Mexico City.

Their pastries are delicious, and very inexpensive compared to pastries in Canada, USA or Europe. Pick up some for dessert and some more for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Purchasing pastries at Ideal works differently than what we’re used to.

First, you take a large platter and tongs and help yourself to pastries displayed in the centre of the shop. Then you take your platter of pastries to somebody in a different section of the store to package it. They’ll tally your order on a piece of paper that you take to a cashier, located at a yet another location in the store. The cashier will give you a receipt that you bring back to the packaging station to get your order and leave. Like many things in Mexico, at first it seems complicated and a hassle, but it runs smoothly and is a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

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