Tips and ideas for the perfect vacation to Mexico City and the Yucatán.

Much to the concern of family and relatives, Keith and I decided to travel to Mexico for Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014. Not just going to a resort in Cancún… we’d be starting with Mexico City (from December 20 to 27), then make our way to the Yucatán peninsula, basing ourselves out of Mérida (from December 27 to January 2) and then ending the vacation with a couple days of pure relaxation at an all-inclusive resort in Playa Mujeres, north of Cancún (January 2-4).

Mexico (specifically, what we’re calling the “real Mexico”… anything outside a resort town), is not the first place people think about visiting, especially given all the the negative press it gets. Nearly everybody at home would either ask “is it safe?” or warn us to “be careful”.

Certain parts of Mexico can certainly be dangerous. But Mexico City has been really cleaned up over the years, especially the Centro Historico and other central neighbourhoods. And the Yucatán is considered the safest area in Mexico. And we did feel safe the entire time, though you do need to be smart and have a good head on your shoulders. If you’re looking for an adventure, continue exploring this website.